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President Johnny Kitagawa: "Akanishi is the type of person who will succeed"

1: 2014/04/08(火) 19:02:09.72 ID:???0
Johnny's Jimusho president Johnny Kitagawa commented on Jin Akanishi (29) who left the agency effective last March. (Related post HERE)

Mr. Johnny insists: "I have not met with him. We didn't even talk on the phone.". On the reason why Akanishi left, Johnny said, "All he wants to do is pursue his career in the US", pointing out that this is different from Johnny's policy of giving more emphasis on their activities within Japan. He also gave his understanding that "It's just natural for one to do whatever he wants to do". Finally, Johnny joked and said, "He's a person who will succeed (in the US), as long as he maintains a good relationship with his wife (Meisa Kuroki)."

2 :2014/04/08(火) 19:02:32.84 ID:
YOU should also let yourself get excavated!
3 :2014/04/08(火) 19:02:39.58 ID:
He's about 90 already, right?
6 :2014/04/08(火) 19:05:45.28 ID:
I understand how Akanishi wants to run away if he's loved this much by this geezer w
8 :2014/04/08(火) 19:10:34.82 ID:
But I'm sure that he won't be maintaining a good relationship with his wife
11 :2014/04/08(火) 19:12:51.21 ID:
He flopped with that collaboration with Derulo, so there's 0 hope for him to succeed (´・ω・`)
15 :2014/04/08(火) 19:18:45.72 ID:
Amazing confidence. He was probably born to become a celebrity. He's probably one of those guys who see opportunity in what normal people would consider as a huge risk.
21 :2014/04/08(火) 19:23:18.21 ID:
I dunno, but it feels like he'll start selling jewelry to old women in 5 to 6 years' time
22 :2014/04/08(火) 19:23:44.99 ID:
Doesn't this geezer have any pictures of him responding to the media's interview?
23 :2014/04/08(火) 19:25:11.95 ID:
So can you actually say that he succeeded?

17 :2014/04/08(火) 19:19:45.20 ID:
You, go post the Eternal copy & paste meme
24 :2014/04/08(火) 19:27:15.94 ID:
I've been a fan even before he made his debut, but I'm not really going insane. 
He did say that he wanted to get married and have a kid.
I've already gotten used to Jin pushing us fans around. 
He's that kind of a man, but I like him so it can't be helped. 
Jin is the unconventional type too. 
Meisa should just support his private life. 
Because we'll be supporting Jin's Music=Soul. 
And that soul will be handed down to my children, then from my children to my grandchildren. 
That's how my DNA will blend in with Jin's. 
That's the "Eternal" between Jin and his fans.

27 :2014/04/08(火) 19:29:03.64 ID
LMAO This woman will get tired of him in a heartbeat and just move on to the next guy wwww And I hope she feels a sense of guilt www
37 :2014/04/08(火) 19:40:32.69 ID:
Oh yeah. Now I'm satisfied. I'll take my leave now.
58 :2014/04/08(火) 20:35:08.07 ID:
So this was actually Johnny-san's response, huh w
79 :2014/04/09(水) 04:19:51.39 ID:
This is what I came here to see
84 :2014/04/09(水) 04:50:34.91 ID
I seriously want to know what's going on right now in Mrs. Eternal's head (´・ω・`)
88 :2014/04/09(水) 05:22:07.13 ID:
Yo, Eternal
104 :2014/04/09(水) 08:44:59.80 ID
Here to see this w
108 :2014/04/09(水) 08:58:27.32 ID:
This just always moves me to tears

26 :2014/04/08(火) 19:27:47.82 ID:
It's not everyday that you see shameless comments like this
28 :2014/04/08(火) 19:29:04.28 ID:
Johnny-san, please remember Koki Tanaka who also left your agency every once in a while
29 :2014/04/08(火) 19:29:56.39 ID:
This person lost a lawsuit when he sexually abused a boy, right? It lacked media coverage, though.
30 :2014/04/08(火) 19:31:51.69 ID:
Johnny-san is pretty forgiving when it comes to Akanishi and KinKi's Tsuyoshi, right?
31 :2014/04/08(火) 19:33:19.24 ID:
He won over the president's affection, and was constantly watched over despite being a scumbag. He must really be good at making grandpas roll over.
32 :2014/04/08(火) 19:36:01.88 ID:
Johnny must really like this guy
34 :2014/04/08(火) 19:37:43.07 ID:
"Because it's the Eternal between Jin and me"
40 :2014/04/08(火) 19:42:57.56 ID:
> as long as he maintains a good relationship with his wife

Must be some sort of American joke
42 :2014/04/08(火) 19:44:55.64 ID:
He's too kind to him
43 :2014/04/08(火) 19:45:39.01 ID:
This means that he's fine with Jin's exploits, but not with Koki's, huh
44 :2014/04/08(火) 19:49:02.35 ID:
Will Johnny's Jimusho still be able to maintain its status without this pedophile grandpa?
45 :2014/04/08(火) 19:51:17.80 ID:
Johnny still has a soft spot in his heart for this guy, but it does feel that he's not as obsessed with him as before now that he has aged
46 :2014/04/08(火) 19:52:33.85 ID:
Let's ignore his not-so-funny joke "as long as he maintains a good relationship with his wife", but he should hurry up and find a successor
47 :2014/04/08(火) 19:59:20.83 ID:
"I'm kind to the boys who dug me up"

50 :2014/04/08(火) 20:04:52.28 ID:
So he's a cat!

51 :2014/04/08(火) 20:05:38.25 ID:
Was Akanishi's butthole really that unforgettable?
Johnny-san's preferential treatment of him was really something else.
55 :2014/04/08(火) 20:13:04.34 ID:
Just how much does the president love this guy?
60 :2014/04/08(火) 20:56:04.86 ID:
The wife leaves the baby behind and goes off to shoot her drama. Well, I guess you'd understand her with a husband like this w
61 :2014/04/08(火) 20:57:12.64 ID:
Homo grandpa who couldn't forget the feeling of Akanishi's schlong
63 :2014/04/08(火) 21:10:06.95 ID:
President Johnny: "Try to become successful, if you can w"
66 :2014/04/09(水) 00:24:37.01 ID:
Enough of someone like Bakanishi. Do something about that woman-beater Iwamoto.
(Related post HERE)
71 :2014/04/09(水) 02:47:27.03 ID:
On the topic of Akanishi and Johnny-san, when Johnny asked Akanishi what he would recommend from Hokkaido, Akanishi said the "butter sand". Johnny proceeded to hoard boxes upon boxes of these. A few days later, Tsuyoshi Domoto said that he received a ton of butter sand from Johnny-san, who apparently didn't like the taste of these. When Tsuyoshi said that he's given Koichi a few, Koichi also said that he got his share too.
76 :2014/04/09(水) 04:03:52.02 ID:
Akanishi really was the best 10 years ago. He was an innocent fool for even calling a "kuruma ebi" as "car shrimp" w When did he transform into such a gross guy?
77 :2014/04/09(水) 04:16:23.49 ID:
More importantly, hurry up and fire the violent bastard
78 :014/04/09(水) 04:19:34.55 ID:
Johnny-san should also be forgiving Toshi-chan! You're so old, yet so immature!

90 :2014/04/09(水) 05:35:16.08 ID:
So when will the young, violent one get the axe?
91 :2014/04/09(水) 05:42:47.45 ID:
This guy's nose is amazingly ugly, and he's what you call an ikemen by atmosphere w Why was he pushed so hard back then?
92 :2014/04/09(水) 06:00:28.64 ID:
I do think that this guy is stupid, but I honestly think he's amazing for being able to quit Johnny's and KAT-TUN. If I were in his place, I'd feel so secure, keep playing so hard, and keep on being an idol.
100 :2014/04/09(水) 08:31:50.80 ID:
This guy probably just couldn't catch a gig in Japan anymore for being so cheeky and arrogant
107 :2014/04/09(水) 08:55:43.90 ID:
I do think that the person who came up with Eternal is a genius
112 :2014/04/09(水) 09:50:19.59 ID:
This one totally sounds like the president bidding his last farewell to this guy w

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