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Downtown denies discord rumors with Tunnels... "We haven't even been together on programs"

1: 2014/04/07(月) 20:24:16.07 ID:???0
On the program HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP - HEY!HEY!HEY! 2014 Chou Gouka Artist ni gorigori karamimashita SP "Spring", SMAP asked Downtown about all those discord rumors surrounding them and two other comedy duos Tunnels and Bakusho Mondai following their appearance on the stage of Iitomo's grand finale. Downtown, Tunnels, and Bakusho Mondai have been rumored to have strained relationships with one another for the longest time.

Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada replied "No, no, (how can we have strained relationships when) we haven't even been together on programs", implying that they're not as conscious about this as the public.

When Matsumoto was asked about his impression of the Tunnels when they appeared with them on the finale of Iitomo, he just said, "They were literally huge! They were much taller than what I expected!".

3 :2014/04/07(月) 20:25:14.13 ID:
Both duos should retire
4 :2014/04/07(月) 20:26:05.33 ID:
Then why did Matsumoto say that “the Internet will go crazy” on the Iitomo finale?
9 :2014/04/07(月) 20:27:40.97 ID:
He probably meant that the Internet will go crazy with him on the same stage as Ohta

5 :2014/04/07(月) 20:26:09.19 ID:
At the very least, I think they’re both concerned over what the other is doing. Downtown are probably thinking “But those guys are comedians from Tokyo! They’re boring!” while Tunnels on the other hand most likely think “Kansai stinks! Go back home!”.
7 :2014/04/07(月) 20:26:23.86 ID:
They should bluntly say that Tunnels are worthless trash who can’t even do proper “boke” and “tsukkomi”*
* (straight man and funny man)

10 :2014/04/07(月) 20:28:35.95 ID:
Tunnels and Downtown are 2 very different types of comedians, so you can’t compare them with each other
11 :2014/04/07(月) 20:29:04.97 ID:
The part that really seemed like a ticking time bomb was when they brought Downtown and Bakusho Mondai together
19 :2014/04/07(月) 20:30:14.06 ID:
That’s just natural. People started speculating that the 2 groups weren’t on good terms precisely because they weren’t starring together in the first place.
I’m sure that these programs have budget constraints preventing these 2 major groups from appearing alongside each other, so they’d just guest these guys separately.

22 :2014/04/07(月) 20:31:29.32 ID:
Matsumoto also said on Wide na show that the Tunnels were “huge” w
Is that all he can say about them? w

23 :2014/04/07(月) 20:32:19.42 ID:
But about their current "fun" factor:
Tunnels >> Tamori >> Takeshi >> Ninety-nine >> Sanma >> Downtown.
Downtown just seems so pathetic these days.

25 :2014/04/07(月) 20:32:29.37 ID:
That’s what we’ve been saying, they’re not on bad terms with Tunnels. The problem here is with Bakusho Mondai.
26 :2014/04/07(月) 20:32:58.27 ID:
I don’t give a damn anymore.
I just hope Matsumoto disappears, that scumbag comedian.

32 :2014/04/07(月) 20:34:29.67 ID:
On Wide na show,
Matsumoto: We were all hot-blooded when we were young and a lot of things happened.

On HeyHeyHey,
Matsumoto: “There’s nothing between us and the Tunnels”. Which means that there was something with Bakusho Mondai.

33 :2014/04/07(月) 20:34:44.92 ID:
Kinashi's always had this image that he was small, but he’s close to 180cm tall w
He’s actually even taller than your average model, huh.

43 :2014/04/07(月) 20:37:15.31 ID:
I did remember Ishibashi way back in the day, though, when he said “It seems that our ratings here are much higher (than Gottsu)”
48 :2014/04/07(月) 20:38:40.01 ID:
Downtown probably don’t think that much of Ishibashi, but I think Ishibashi considers Downtown as their rivals.
49 :2014/04/07(月) 20:38:52.55 ID:
Did Hamada marry that ugly woman even after knowing that she was Kinashi’s used goods? The entertainment industry really isn’t normal, huh~ I don’t get the nerve of people like that.
To think that my wife said that she’s never done it with a man other than me~

51 :2014/04/07(月) 20:39:03.13 ID:
Tunnels probably only see Downtown as their juniors, and don’t really give a damn about them.
The problem here is between Matsumoto and Ohta. Ohta may talk big, but he’s just a scaredy cat.

54 :2014/04/07(月) 20:39:42.41 ID:
I wonder what Ishibashi and Matsumoto talked about during the commercial break?

65 :2014/04/07(月) 20:43:13.99 ID:
Listen to this. Ninety-nine’s Okamura talked about that.

55 :2014/04/07(月) 20:39:53.89 ID:
They even said on the radio that they’re fine with appearing together with the Tunnels, but the staff and people around them are avoiding something like that from happening.
But there was no mention of Bakusho, and the only thing Matsumoto said about Bakusho was that “There were a lot of instances when we would hurt each other”.

69 :2014/04/07(月) 20:45:15.55 ID:
I get the feeling that Tunnels hate Downtown, though. They probably find them cheeky and conceited.
Tunnels are good friends with Ucchan-Nanchan too.

72 :2014/04/07(月) 20:46:26.01 ID:
I think the problem lies in the people around them---
The agency, the fans, and their respective staff and entourage.

Right after Iitomo, Downtown-wotas were quick to bash Kinashi. But after Matsumoto said that they were saved on Wide na show, the bashing stopped. There must be this territorial behavior shown by the agency, the wotas, and the staff.

80 :2014/04/07(月) 20:48:25.56 ID:
It does seem like they’re on pretty bad terms with Bakusho Mondai.
74 :2014/04/07(月) 20:47:06.36 ID:
There are quite a lot of news articles related to this one. This get-together of sorts must’ve really been a big deal within the industry

78 :2014/04/07(月) 20:47:46.73 ID:
It’s been a while since the industry had a huge topic as this

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