Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Photo of Hiroshi Tamaki's signed receipt uploaded by a Narita gift shop staff on Twitter

1: ドラゴンスリーパー(群馬県) 2013/09/21(土) 06:25:09.16 ID:YfDbZ2iB0
Actor Hiroshi Tamaki (33) used his credit card to purchase goods from a gift shop at Narita Airport, and a photo of his signed receipt was tweeted by a shop staff later that night.

Tamaki was at Narita Airport on the 16th for a flight bound for Southeast Asia. He stopped by a gift shop before boarding his flight and used his credit card to pay for his purchases. The woman who serviced Tamaki took a photo of the receipt with Tamaki's card number (last 3 digits hidden) and signature clearly indicated. She then sent the picture to her co-worker on the same day.

The said co-worker then tweeted the photo with the comment, "Tamaki-san came to our shop today", but fans immediately tweeted: "Delete the photo at once. This is a crime, you know", prompting the uploader to immediately delete the image.

NAA Retailing admitted that the staff member works there during Sankei Sports' interview. "It is true that our staff took a photo of the receipt and tweeted it. We would like to apologize to Tamaki-san, and every person involved in this that such a thing has happened due to our inefficient way of managing. We understand the severity of this situation, as we decide on what kind of disciplinary action we will take. We will make sure to reeducate the staff and reinforce our training methods to ensure that something of the sort will never occur again".

Tamaki's agency commented on the issue and said: "There have been no monetary issues as of yet, and we have already received the apology of the two staff members involved, so we do not want to escalate the situation. We hope that nothing like this will happen again to their other customers".


6: レッドインク(やわらか銀行) 2013/09/21(土) 06:27:49.09 ID:KVQC/xJk0
Those people must be missing some screws upstairs
7: リバースネックブリーカー(中国地方) 2013/09/21(土) 06:28:40.72 ID:deAFCeLG0
なんだまたバカッターか ホントバカばっかだな
Bakatter* again? Really, they're all so stupid.
(* Baka Twitter users; baka means stupid)
13: フォーク攻撃(兵庫県) 2013/09/21(土) 06:29:54.28 ID:43c4sNl80
Don't these guys ever watch the news? They've already done features about Bakatter on TV.
18: フェイスロック(関東・甲信越) 2013/09/21(土) 06:30:20.01 ID:eH9EhmKX0
Could it be that Twitter isn't just a baka-finder, but all people using Twitter are stupid?
22: ナガタロックII(東京都) 2013/09/21(土) 06:32:09.15 ID:BYiZLpoa0
But I don't think that we will be seeing the end of these things done by these self-assertive fools.
26: パロスペシャル(長野県) 2013/09/21(土) 06:33:23.63 ID:I0gbNSbJ0
They just want to become popular on the Internet and do things without thinking of the consequences. They're all so dependent on the Internet.
75: ボ ラギノール(大阪府) 2013/09/21(土) 06:58:42.75 ID:Pxya1gxV0


They probably aren't aware that almost everyone has access to the Internet. They just intended to brag about these stuff within their circle of friends, but before they know it, it's already spread around like wildfire.
Twitter isn't something that should be done lightheartedly, especially when you get drunk and become too confident. You might type in something that will lead to the end of your own life.
32: ネックハンギングツリー(SB-iPhone) 2013/09/21(土) 06:35:51.56 ID:6uK6Nf/6i
しちゃいけない事がわからないアホばかり 脳みそ詰まってんのかよ
All these fools who do not know what they're not supposed to do, are their brains clogged or something?
41: 河津掛け(山梨県) 2013/09/21(土) 06:38:14.44 ID:PINh53bk0
ちなみにどこのクレカ? やっぱりゴールドとかプラチナ?www
So what credit card is he using? It must be Gold or Platinum, right? www
44: フェイスロック(神奈川県) 2013/09/21(土) 06:39:57.10 ID:TOfHIzjW0
She just chanced upon a celebrity and wanted to talk about it with someone
47: キャプチュード(dion軍) 2013/09/21(土) 06:42:16.74 ID:SVhtS10r0

They must be using it without realizing that the rest of the world can see their tweets
54: 男色ドライバー(チベット自治区) 2013/09/21(土) 06:45:16.77 ID:THEzDIlY0
LOL, that's just the lowest of the low www
63: キャプチュード(禿) 2013/09/21(土) 06:50:21.81 ID:hgyc1YhA0
Not just Hiroshi Tamaki, but the card company might even press charges for damages. The foundation of their security procedures will be in question, so they will really need to do something about this.
70: TEKKAMAKI(大阪府) 2013/09/21(土) 06:52:32.88 ID:vZTgHjJ+0
And so it will finally come to having to surrender your mobile phones, smart phones, and other personal belongings to be kept in lockers during work.
71: キン肉バスター(京都府) 2013/09/21(土) 06:52:33.02 ID:IHdMVGS+0
These celebrities really have it tough
74: パロスペシャル(長野県) 2013/09/21(土) 06:56:56.85 ID:I0gbNSbJ0
Other people can use your credit cards once you know the card number and the period of validity. And all of those information are on the credit cards themselves.
82: フォーク攻撃(関東地方) 2013/09/21(土) 07:05:26.62 ID:OeFd2Q7YO
Will this shop be off the hook with the dismissal of these foolish employees? They're probably going to have to pay for damages here.
97: 稲妻レッグラリアット(東京都) 2013/09/21(土) 07:12:26.86 ID:OvanyL6l0
These companies should ban Twitter
111: ファルコンアロー(やわらか銀行) 2013/09/21(土) 07:16:48.39 ID:FFG39eEM0
But companies with proper security measures probably warn their employees against disclosing the personal information of their clients.
101: 逆落とし(東京都) 2013/09/21(土) 07:13:07.18 ID:wUepQWSf0
俺も成田空港利用した時 何人か見たぞ
待ち時間暇だから結構気がつく サインもらったけど
I bet there are a lot of personalities that you'll see at Narita.
I also saw a few when I went to Narita Airport before. You'll definitely notice them because there's really nothing to do while you're in transit. I did get an autograph though.
113: シャイニングウィザード(チベット自治区) 2013/09/21(土) 07:17:59.46 ID:WBfmwBEp0
It's this disease where you just want to upload anything and everything immediately onto the Internet. People like this sure have increased recently.
114: エルボードロップ(兵庫県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:18:00.50 ID:siEjDPUI0
Celebrities will definitely come and go in these Narita Airport shops, so there's definitely a possibility that there will be more crimes of a similar nature that will happen in the future.
118: 逆落とし(東京都) 2013/09/21(土) 07:19:42.50 ID:wUepQWSf0
だね とくに仕事で渡航だと芸能人は結構目立つよ
This. The celebrities who have to travel due to their work especially stand out, partly because their entourage are so noisy and arrogant.
119: 河津掛け(WiMAX) 2013/09/21(土) 07:21:45.60 ID:R4QkHM7c0
2 of them who did it...
Then won't the other one at least notice that what they're doing is dangerous?
136: フロントネックロック(静岡県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:28:49.65 ID:E32gXLQw0
A「やばくねw あはははははw」
A: "Maybe I'll upload this~"
B: "Isn't that bad?"
A: "Isn't that bad? LOL Ahahahahaha"
B: "It is bad LOLOLOL"
A: "Click."
131: ジャンピングカラテキック(やわらか銀行) 2013/09/21(土) 07:25:20.52 ID:JqNg0cEV0
クレ番判明 名前 生年月日、既出

If it's just the last 3 digits hidden, someone can easily crack that in a matter of 2 or 3 hours. Then the rest of the information like the card number, name, birthday are already known. It'll be possible to purchase things worth 10s of millions of yen.
137: バズソーキック(神奈川県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:29:03.95 ID:8a52o8jx0
They should have them write or sign a pledge of confidentiality upon hiring these new employees, and clear things out about damage compensation.
153: タイガースープレックス(新潟県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:38:01.26 ID:LaowMI8u0
This isn't good, they're probably going to get fired at once, right?
Even if they won't use the card, there's still a possibility that someone else will use it for fraudulent means.
165: ナガタロックII(神奈川県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:44:10.16 ID:5qcBy7Mt0
A normal person would probably want to press charges, but Tamaki probably won't be allowed to thanks to the image that he carries.
176: リキラリアット(新潟県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:48:33.65 ID:/WZ97DwO0
This is a straight red card (* soccer/football reference).
If the company's saying that they're still deciding what sort of disciplinary action they will take, then you'd really get the impression that the company itself is pretty lax when it comes to these matters.
183: タイガースープレックス(新潟県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:50:50.34 ID:LaowMI8u0
If it's goods from a specific airline company, then he probably won't be using this company ever again.
186: シューティングスタープレス(栃木県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:52:07.43 ID:F9bgINHA0

That's right.
And the name of the shop hasn't been revealed.
187: ヒップアタック(福岡県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:52:15.45 ID:ZXsv3Q8k0
This is a line that should not be crossed.
189: 腕ひしぎ十字固め(WiMAX) 2013/09/21(土) 07:52:38.41 ID:NqeZI+Bc0
玉木宏 ←誰?
Hiroshi Tamaki ←Who?
191: ファルコンアロー(やわらか銀行) 2013/09/21(土) 07:53:38.44 ID:FFG39eEM0

192: アイアンクロー(dion軍) 2013/09/21(土) 07:53:54.01 ID:oRvM30ng0
Looking back at the incident when a clothes store staff tweeted at how Bibiru Ohki was so annoying when he came right before the store closed, that was such a low-leveled Bakatter, huh ww
200: 断崖式ニードロップ(禿) 2013/09/21(土) 07:56:46.18 ID:TTaIKsWci
That was just how it was before, but people post pictures too these days.
199: 稲妻レッグラリアット(静岡県) 2013/09/21(土) 07:56:18.40 ID:S/B6Y8Y70

Uploading a picture means she wanted to add that sense of believability to her statement. You can write anything and everything on the Internet world after all w
213: ニールキック(神奈川県) 2013/09/21(土) 08:00:51.12 ID:88Qvl1Ra0
I thought that "Even these Bakatters won't go this far www", but found out that it's true when I clicked on the thread (´・ω・`)
235: 断崖式ニードロップ(芋) 2013/09/21(土) 08:12:37.44 ID:PhpIAuMP0
Your life can change with just one tweet.

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