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Why did the Final Fantasy franchise decline?

1: 名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:45:37 ID:fkoNNoynp
It's all FF8's fault.
No objections will be entertained.

53 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)01:40:16 ID:08NOV7jqR
But no one has broken FF8's record yet w
2 :忍法帖【Lv=21,カンダタこぶん】 :2014/04/20(日)20:46:41 ID:ucxcGFTbr
Because it's not "fantasy-ing" anymore
3 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:47:30 ID:2wGhGY3Nc

× Final Fantasy
✓ Final Cinema theater
4 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:48:08 ID:ZnJFnbJdV
Because it's supposed to be a game for loners, then they turn it into a net game
6 :ネット右翼◆sn1bFUWmLY :2014/04/20(日)20:48:46 ID:1HBQDlovs
Because of the movie version
7 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:48:54 ID:Rm8V64LEo
Hooray for spending real money! →Currently
8 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:49:06 ID:qJdgtXoIn
Because of 7's lame spin-off
5 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:48:17 ID:HCUPrzMvO
Because it's a gross RPG
9 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:50:27 ID:Bv8abiip4
There must've been a lot of people who got alienated with 11.
10 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)20:50:58 ID:O9BZiNvkz
10まではffぽくないと思いつつも楽しめた。 10-2から脚本酷すぎ
I was able to enjoy until FFX, even while thinking that it didn't seem too much like the FF of old . The screenplay became atrocious from X-2 onwards.

20 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)21:53:58 ID:1Q9kLtSq3
7 8 9当たりはそんなでもない

7, 8, and 9 not so much

12 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)21:06:54 ID:EMavTDWae
脚本 鳥山求 察し…
Screenplay: Motomu Toriyama
You get the picture...
13 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)21:07:07 ID:q5BLgDDDl
Because it's not Amano anymore
14 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)21:11:43 ID:PwvsnQGyE
And FF15's an action game, are they looking down on us?
16 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)21:16:50 ID:cjBC2fLOH
続編出さないからだろ 早く11出せよ
Because they're not releasing sequels. Hurry up with 12.
18 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)21:19:06 ID:qKiKU0rOZ
Mythril as your initial equipment?
21 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)22:02:56 ID:WNzpX9ckL
Because when you see the promotional movies, you just say, "Beautiful graphics"----- and that's it.
22 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)22:40:00 ID:qJdgtXoIn
CC is better.
23 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)22:42:54 ID:0B1ZNwuBP
Because they numbered them even if they didn't have to. They didn't have to do 8, 11, 12, and 14.
25 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)22:48:20 ID:fDGsPQqK2
I liked 3's world setting
24 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)22:43:54 ID:3XMa9l9zT
Bring back the world map and the flying ship
27 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:26:30 ID:JnzStQuRo
時代に合ってないキモいキャラ 昔はあれでも良かったが今は
Because of the gross characters that don't fit the period. This was fine back in the day, but now...
28 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:30:47 ID:JIzYd8X15
リアルな造形のキャラになったから、昔のノリは合わなくなったんだよな。コスプレの実写映画見てるみたいな痛々しさ。 もっと現実に近い脚本にするか、テイルズみたいにキャラを二次寄りにするしかない。
When they started making realistic looking characters, they weren't able match the tempo and the themes that they had established in the past. It felt pathetic, as if watching a cosplay live action flick. Either they write the screenplay to make it seem more realistic, or make the characters look more 2-D like Tales.
29 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:32:11 ID:GCYJNEilz
フルボイスが逆効果なのもあるな くっさいセリフ大声で吐かれてオカンに笑われた
I think entirely giving them voices had the opposite effect. My mom laughed when the characters shouted out their lame lines.
30 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:49:30 ID:eZUR3mvVh
ていいたいだけのネガキャン とスタッフ事情よくわかってないくせに野村批判してるやつ

プロデューサーやまとめ役や発案者としての才能がないのは認めるが、そんなに偉い地位にについて なおかつ権限を持って作ったのは2以降のキングダムハーツと零式だけ


ff15は雰囲気は好きだし現時点では期待してるけど ベースシナリオ野村をみたときはちょっと嫌な予感がした

This is just a propaganda by people who want to say, "The games of our times are better!", and just criticize Nomura without even knowing the staff situation.

Nomura's character designs are good. I admit that he's got no talent as a producer, manager, and proposer, but the only ones he made while having such a high status as that while having authority was Kingdom Hearts 2 onwards and Zeroshiki.

I personally think that both FF7 and FF8 were good. The character lines which seemed too cheesy and cliche actually made them seem like humans and felt natural, and the sorrow that the Laguna arc brought was also good.

I like the atmosphere of FF15 and I have high hopes for it, but I did get a bad feeling when I saw that Nomura is credited for the base scenario. I'll get turned off if he starts dragging it on like Kingdom Hearts and start making sequels.
31 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:50:19 ID:D9IJIhGqM

7 was one turning point. 
From this point forward, they stopped catering to little kids.
32 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:52:33 ID:sTkArSnDt
イケメンホストみたいな髪型のやつばかり出てくるうえに 15なんかもはやRPGなのかなんなのかわからなくなってるな
On top of having tons of guys with ikemen host-like hairdos, 15 is a game which you don't even know if it's an RPG or not
33 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:53:33 ID:c4SscB2P7
I hope they hurry up and come out with a Jecht version of 10. Name it FF X-0.

34 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:54:32 ID:eZUR3mvVh
これしかない FF10-3だすらしいから抱き合わせで出してほしい
This. I heard they're coming out with FF10-3 so I hope they do this one too.
40 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:00:55 ID:sCzVrr9wl
For real?
42 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:03:05 ID:LjJTQo8m5
HD版に続編につながる話らしきボイスドラマが入ってた そこまで自信があるわけじゃない
There was a voice drama included in the HD version which kinda hinted at a sequel. I'm not confident about this, though.

37 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:57:16 ID:MsfYHhnFL
I'm looking forward to FF15
35 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:54:52 ID:D9IJIhGqM

Guys who liked the FF of old are divided in 2;
the group who likes 1-6 and the group who likes 7-10.
The former calls FF7 as "the beginning of the end".
36 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:56:00 ID:D9IJIhGqM
ドラクエはグラ軽視で未だに生き残ってるからなあ ドラクエ7とか酷かったけど
Dragon Quest hasn't given too much emphasis on graphics, and it's still around. DQ7 was horrible, though.
41 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:01:58 ID:28pmdVjNl
DraQue also went downhill from 9 onwards

43 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:04:03 ID:LjJTQo8m5
売り上げは相当なんだけどな でもこれじゃないかんはなんか俺も感じた
The sales were amazing though. But that one did make me feel like "This isn't how it's supposed to be".

39 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)23:57:51 ID:WNzpX9ckL
I like 12, but I know that I'm part of a minority
44 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:06:14 ID:4KSIMMtJj
マジレスするとFF世代が年食ったから FF世代の成長に合わせてゲームも進化させた結果 新規が取り込めなくなってジ・エンド
Serious response: Because the FF generation became older, and when they evolved the game to match the aging FF generation, they couldn't get new players anymore. The end.
45 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:11:06 ID:ip9GBhKye
I LOL'd at FF10's drama CD where Shin was revived. I really wonder why Square Enix loves adding useless stuff that destroy their series. In 10's case, it all got destroyed with 10-2, though.

46 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:13:53 ID:LjJTQo8m5
KHとかff7とかの引き伸ばし商法とかff13-2の引き伸ばしDLCは酷すぎて感動した もはや詐欺だと思うんだけど 実際に訴えられんのか
I was touched at how horrible they tried to prolong KH and FF7, as well as FF13-2's DLC. It's fraud already. Can't we sue them?

47 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:19:03 ID:yIpCSVNAI
ゲームシステムを毎回いじる迷惑さ 毎回余計な新機軸を打ち出すのは、理解出来ない ただでさえ、シリーズとしての統一感がないのにそれをやるから もうシリーズとしての安定感が無い
They bother to change the game system every single time. I really don't get why they have to come up with new features all the time.
It doesn't have a sense of uniformity as a series anymore, and by doing that, they lose their stability.

48 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)00:23:37 ID:U3atHjBWb
1 was fun
51 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)01:20:35 ID:XtqJDXw5N
9で切った。わざわざ3DにしたキャラのウザさがMAX際立った作品だったと確信する いわゆる「大根」なんだよ身ぶり手振りが気持ち悪くなるくらいイラついてしょうがないくらい。 感情移入なんざ冗談じゃない、ゲームキャラをあんな嫌悪したのはこれが初にして最凶
I stopped at 9. I was able to confirm that it was a game where they went to the trouble of making the characters 3D which just made them irritating to the max. As they say, they're "ham". All their actions, hand movements, everything just looked gross and it really irked me. How the heck do you think I will be able to put my emotions into that one? This was the first time I absolutely loathed game characters, and this was the worst.
52 :名無しさん :2014/04/21(月)01:24:56 ID:A00Lh0lHp
ファルシのルシとか自分らにしか分からん造語作られてもついていけんよ 理解したくもないし
I don't understand it even if they make made-up words like farushi and rushi. I don't even want to try to understand it.
56 :名無しさん :2014/04/22(火)00:43:51 ID:9ZIvR8yCA
They put too much emphasis on graphics
54 :名無しさん :2014/04/22(火)00:39:37 ID:AxDXUlpo4
ヒゲが映画出さなきゃまだ現役だったのかな タイトルが「ファイナルファンタジー」なのにFFに関係ない映画出したって誰も見ねえわな
If that mustache man didn't come up with a movie, he probably would've still been around. It may be titled "Final Fantasy", but no one's gonna watch it if it's totally unrelated to the FF world.

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