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Gatchaman live action movie score given by critic Yuichi Maeda: 4/100 wwwwww

1: 32文ロケット砲(埼玉県) 2013/08/22(木) 14:59:18.22 ID:TWCTH++aP
Summary of Yuichi Maeda's review
* Praised the '70s anime for the cool characters, stylish highlight scenes, and passionate theme song. He also commended the anime for tackling social issues despite being a children's anime.
* Live action adaptation does not reflect the essence of Gatchaman and felt like a declaration of war towards the original version.
* Gatchaman has a radical ideology, where they would even neglect the lives of 10 million people for the sake of saving a single person.
* 40% of the movie consisted of the hero's childish logics, while the remaining 60% revolved around Gouriki's character JUN's illicit love towards Matsuzaka's character KEN.
* JUN felt like this character who only thinks about how she could score with KEN.
* The movie feels like it's for the audience to enjoy Gouriki's one-man love comedy skits.
* JUN has a terrible character, speaking ill of KEN's late girlfriend and dissing the nice and cool suits that they get to wear.
* Your children who will go watch the movie with you might ask you, "Why are those people just talking about women and aren't even setting out to war?"
* The biggest complaint here is why don't they just trash the internal discord within the group, and go hurry up and save the world.
* The scriptwriting is a mess. There's no end to the criticisms that can be made. The viewers will be left with nothing but questions, and despite all of this, the movie hinted that there will be a sequel.

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7: アトミックドロップ(千葉県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:01:26.89 ID:xCoX4ZKK0
This made me LOL a bit
8: ハイキック(福井県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:02:05.47 ID:SSfiUsJ70
It's not Gatchaman, but Gatchamyaaaaan, got it?
10: 栓抜き攻撃(禿) 2013/08/22(木) 15:02:55.84 ID:QmvNbhg+i
So 60% of it is Gouriki? What kind of torture is this...
13: 膝靭帯固め(石川県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:03:39.41 ID:ThTU6vvx0

Japanese movies like this essentially stop once they announce that it will be undergoing production and once they are provided with budget.
Creating the actual movie is like a bonus.
14: フランケンシュタイナー(長屋) 2013/08/22(木) 15:05:15.68 ID:4z3dkdCL0
60% is Ms. Gori-oshi? LOL
18: 魔神風車固め(新潟県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:06:10.69 ID:VKW+pouZ0
They probably weren't serious about making this movie from the moment they cast Gouriki in it.
19: ボマイェ(福井県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:06:17.96 ID:rnHwvAQp0
The law of Gouriki
20: 32文ロケット砲(禿) 2013/08/22(木) 15:06:22.30 ID:WyinKB8bP
I'm actually concerned about the 4 points he gave. What did he find good in it? No matter how bad a movie may be, people will still say good things like, "The CG was good" or "The music was well done", but 4 points?
23: TEKKAMAKI(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/08/22(木) 15:07:24.85 ID:MjJohZO60
It's the suits w
223: 32文ロケット砲(SB-iPhone) 2013/08/22(木) 18:01:30.69 ID:MxZnrzRiP
He did write that they wore nice and cool costumes.
26: 張り手(東京都) 2013/08/22(木) 15:08:26.31 ID:ScPN7uPB0
That's why just shut up and watch Pacific Rim.
29: ツームストンパイルドライバー(関西・東海) 2013/08/22(木) 15:09:07.17 ID:ThnB7QdE0
So it just turned into Gouriki's love comedy, huh.
I'm not from the Gatchaman generation anyway, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the complaints of the fans.
33: 32文ロケット砲(福井県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:09:51.67 ID:tuDFiIe6P
It seems that there's something wrong with the script based on this review.
39: エクスプロイダー(関東・甲信越) 2013/08/22(木) 15:11:14.13 ID:TacKVHg8O
Please do your best and surpass Devilman w
40: 32文ロケット砲(SB-iPhone) 2013/08/22(木) 15:11:30.71 ID:7KW+QFWuP
6割剛力って(´・ω・` )
60% Gouriki? (´・ω・` )
49: 逆落とし(神奈川県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:13:05.89 ID:/XkuJ/9Y0
Yatterman was also hard to watch.
This is probably what you get if you let a commoner do the adaptation.
52: TEKKAMAKI(神奈川県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:14:02.61 ID:RSptl4U/0
Oh, it's Gouriki-san who makes sure to butcher every original story adaptation she does.
56: ハイキック(catv?) 2013/08/22(木) 15:16:42.01 ID:bsV9n1V60


It was actually really good, is there something wrong with me? As an entertainment piece, I think it's above the passing mark.
Rather, just how good of a movie do you guys want? This isn't Da Vinci's code, you know.
Well, there are people who make a living off finding faults in every piece of work. Just don't get influenced too much by people like those.
58: ヒップアタック(山形県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:18:10.09 ID:gD95pOGLI
Pffffttt www
Oh my, what do we have here w
62: 足4の字固め(東日本) 2013/08/22(木) 15:19:19.67 ID:6eDSAT6Z0
Can you list the other movies that you liked?
Also include which parts you found interesting.
70: ドラゴンスリーパー(愛知県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:22:16.39 ID:BKCul2lP0
So this isn't... a copy & paste meme...?
74: ハーフネルソンスープレックス(東京都) 2013/08/22(木) 15:24:16.94 ID:SFl27mtJ0
It's not that I'm saying anything about what you like, but don't think that everyone agrees with your taste.
89: ランサルセ(三重県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:30:05.81 ID:Hk2HDnlg0
It does seem like you can use it on every thread out there, especially when you consider reading it vertically.
243: アキレス腱固め(愛知県) 2013/08/22(木) 18:38:37.95 ID:4Or3K54u0
A lot of you people are being trolled by >>56
246: 河津掛け(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/08/22(木) 18:44:19.78 ID:lox+Zsw+0
Hint: Read it vertically. 
(*The first three letters of the 3 sentences read as (すてま)"Sutema" which means "Stealth Marketing". In other words, >>56 is implying that the reviewer is actually giving the movie negative press so that the readers will become more curious about the movie)
66: チェーン攻撃(大阪府) 2013/08/22(木) 15:20:35.17 ID:gu0V36D70
But this site "Chou Eiga Hihan" just finds fault in almost everything.
67: 32文ロケット砲(芋) 2013/08/22(木) 15:20:42.33 ID:XCgBA88mP
I did feel this was heading towards the wrong direction from the moment I saw the design of the suits.
78: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(愛知県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:26:12.82 ID:vWJFi4HE0
There's no escaping Ayame Gouriki. 
81: 16文キック(兵庫県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:27:11.45 ID:fw+bpFtu0
This reviewer has a habit of giving low scores to live action adaptations of anime.
You can add +10 points to the total.
86: ファイヤーバードスプラッシュ(チベット自治区) 2013/08/22(木) 15:29:14.01 ID:gX7in86Q0
So you mean 4/110, huh...
104: TEKKAMAKI(神奈川県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:39:34.02 ID:RSptl4U/0
Gouriki: "Well then, maybe I should go and destroy Patlabor next."
109: ラ ケブラーダ(広島県) 2013/08/22(木) 15:43:32.25 ID:7T5FZNOm0
The god of destruction
132: ツームストンパイルドライバー(九州地方) 2013/08/22(木) 16:00:57.07 ID:BIDCPyIGO
I'm serious, please stop it already...
144: ウエスタンラリアット(秋田県) 2013/08/22(木) 16:14:42.74 ID:m3blzNK00
No thank you.
124: エルボーバット(SB-iPhone【緊急地震:日高地方東部M4.9最大震度3】) 2013/08/22(木) 15:54:01.30 ID:3ioM7ZlSi
You'd be better off watching Pacific Rim instead of using JPY 1,800 on this.
It's full of passion! It's got the Japanese anime spirit in it.
127: チェーン攻撃(dion軍【緊急地震:日高地方東部M4.9最大震度3】) 2013/08/22(木) 15:58:02.57 ID:dValCtGNP
I honestly can't remember an old anime that has a character that looks like Gouriki.
What do they keep in mind when doing this?
131: TEKKAMAKI(神奈川県) 2013/08/22(木) 16:00:55.76 ID:RSptl4U/0
>>127 これとか?
Like this?
133: チェーン攻撃(チベット自治区) 2013/08/22(木) 16:02:52.06 ID:kRIycm27P
As expected of Gouriki-san.
She's really consistent when it comes to destroying all these original stories.
153: セントーン(東京都) 2013/08/22(木) 16:31:36.08 ID:CJJpTvsa0
The one SMAP did for a commercial once upon a time was much, much cooler.

163: ドラゴンスリーパー(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/08/22(木) 16:37:49.53 ID:MsjNDJuD0
The helmets and the headset-like objects were uncool.
No, they actually are, but they just didn't look good here.
168: ミドルキック(東日本) 2013/08/22(木) 16:40:20.95 ID:L1iPcmoqO
This article actually made me more interested in watching the movie.

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