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Johnny's Jr. Mizuki Kobayashi suspected of drinking (Cyzo Woman)

1: 五十京φ ★ 2013/11/02(土) 14:11:58.91 ID:???0
2005. Hiroki Uchi, formerly of Kanjani8 and NEWS was temporarily suspended for being caught drinking in public under the legal age of 20. He's been out of the limelight and has been mainly doing stage plays after this, but is currently appearing as the lover of the protagonist in the noontime soap Tengoku no Koi on Fuji. And now, there's another member of Johnny's Jr. who's suspected to have been under the influence of alcohol, which has sent shockwaves among the fans.

This all started from his picture leaking onto the Internet. It's actually an ordinary picture where 4 young men are sitting in a room, but the problem is one of them is holding a Smirnoff while canned Chuhai cocktails are seen on the floor. And judging from one person holding a pinata with "Congratulations" written on it, it can be deduced that they gathered here to celebrate an occasion.

"One of the guys in the picture is Mizuki Kobayashi, 18 years old. He's in 3rd year highschool, and a member of Johnny's Jr. Netizens have already identified that it's him thanks to his facial features and his clothes, leading to some people saying, "I never thought that he was such a foolish Jr. member", "KobaMizu is finished with this". Kobayashi is one of the Jr. talents who are being pushed for, as he's a regular on NHK's Test no Hanamichi and was in a pretty good position on Johnny's Jr. Land (BS Sky Prefect). He might not be in direct possession of the alcoholic beverage judging by the picture, but just by being in the company of other people drinking will lead to some sort of punishment." - (well-informed Johnny's writer)

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2: 五十京φ ★ 2013/11/02(土) 14:12:05.44 ID:???0
Other than Uchi, there is also the case of Hironori Kusano, who has left Johnny's because of underage drinking. And in July of this year, Yuya Tegoshi was reportedly together with SKE's Momona Kito as she was drinking, which apparently led to Vice President Mary yelling at him, "Tegoshi, you fool!"

There was also Shusuke Osaka, Masahiro Anazawa, Kazuo Hamada, and Kazuki Omi, Johnny's Jr. members who were scooped by a tabloid in 1999 and consequently left the agency. 

There seems to be no end to all these suspicions of Johnny's members drinking before they hit the legal age. Some fans have already been saying that Kobayashi will probably quit the agency too. But since Johnny's don't announce the Jr. members who leave, the only way of confirming this is through his regular programs.
4: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:13:20.07 ID:Wqd9ZUSe0
No problem here, President Johnny will erase all the facts like he always has!

9: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:15:42.59 ID:7CTUihlI0
A Smirnoff bottle? That's not on the level of alcoholic, yo.
11: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:16:05.57 ID:/fqFoEzS0
Fan diary dedicated to Johnny's Jr. Mizuki Kobayashi

This is scary
51: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:51:22.75 ID:3j44N66JO

That's so scary.. feels like a murder case waiting to happen..
88: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:20:02.17 ID:5bbaI8L30
She's going insane with her delusions. He's ignoring you? There's no way he'd look at you amongst a crowd of 10,000 people.
91: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:21:19.83 ID:1eUZaEM20

Holy crap, can this person still live on?
Is she just trolling? Is this for real? (´・ω・`)
117: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:44:05.15 ID:Bi2GouKVO
What will happen to >>11 if he quits Jr...
132: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:53:13.50 ID:Z0jurBmC0
Jani-otas are so digustinggggggggggggggg
170: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 16:57:13.51 ID:bVgpshAf0

I suddenly remembered the old granny who was so attached to Yamapi that she stalked him and was eventually arrested.
I wonder if that person is still confined. In a mental hospital that is.
21: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:22:29.88 ID:51FX1tgY0

I'm sure that there are a lot of cases that weren't made public, but just with these ones that were, it looks like Johnny's is in shambles recently. 
The president himself has problems as well.
264: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 23:10:22.72 ID:5B1oF7YJ0
People like him who aren't that popular are expendable, so there really are a lot of cases leaking out
36: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:38:04.75 ID:7ny9If4F0
Women problems, yes. But crime is a much bigger no-no.
Johnny's is pretty strict in that respect.
47: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:46:07.53 ID:tosfg0wi0
So what about the Jr. who poured cola all over the dressing room and uploaded it on YouTube, was he terminated?
55: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:54:21.22 ID:ASJcjmwW0

>There was also Shusuke Osaka, Masahiro Anazawa, Kazuo Hamada, and Kazuki Omi, Johnny's Jr. members who were scooped by a tabloid in 1999 and consequently left the agency. 

Takizawa was apparently with them but he got off the hook.
They're pretty lax when it comes to people who are popular.
266: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 23:13:44.94 ID:5B1oF7YJ0
I heard that Johnny's bought the picture from the guy who brought it based on his demands
60: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:54:57.52 ID:hUf4PZEU0
If your popularity was on the level of Tackey and if you had Johnny-san's affection then they'll cover it up for you
63: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 14:57:45.36 ID:wxRiNIKY0
But in reality, majority of the kids at this age have already experienced drinking w
78: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:08:01.05 ID:kB+FyPnfi
I don't think it'll happen, but they should forgive an 18 y/o for something as petty as Chuhai and Smirnoff.
79: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:08:15.91 ID:D65Ha8n10
Kanjani were also pretty wild in the past but they're still around. The guys who came together with Tackey though were punished altogether, so I really don't know that agency's standards.
87: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:19:32.11 ID:Ex5kp8yn0
I don't feel any appeal in Johnny's anymore. The word "Johnny's-kei" is already a thing of the past.
137: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 15:54:22.10 ID:vc3FDGqs0
Maybe he had his picture taken on purpose because he already wants to quit Johnny's?
158: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 16:38:07.99 ID:m1DNzlbfi
There aren't any people who are upright and honest in Johnny's.
162: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 16:40:37.94 ID:RSXdPItE0
Maybe TOKIO are the only ones?
There was a time though when Yamaguchi's license expired but he still used it as is.
179: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 17:15:26.80 ID:wbEUcNhUO
What about Domoto?
Both may be queer, but they don't have any scandals, right?
160: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 16:39:59.58 ID:0XDdp/7FO
I've never even seen him once on TV and you're talking about him quitting or not. I feel totally left behind.
172: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 17:02:54.64 ID:eyNbrWlm0

Taima (Ohno) had that high-looking face but it wasn't enough evidence for drug use. This one has a liquor bottle so there's no escaping from this one.

I personally don't see anything wrong with sake-wine and the like, but if you forgive something like this, then these talents will lose control and expose more shameful acts outside so the agency is keeping it strict.
185: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 17:49:11.97 ID:XQyBiOob0
Tegoshi himself has a lot of leaked stuff but he's totally fine.
They'll protect this guy.
204: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 19:34:33.27 ID:+JcaXAbV0
212: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 19:43:57.49 ID:AndTXI4u0
I don't think something like this is a big deal
226: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 20:04:11.97 ID:i8F6O0zZ0

So the guy who leaked this is probably one of those who were at that gathering, huh. Maybe he really wanted this guy to quit Johnny's. Just goes to show that you can't trust even your own friends, and that they should've been more careful not to be seen together with liquor and stuff.
211: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 19:41:31.04 ID:/Lwq02hTO
He would have remained in people's minds if he was as crazy as Kusanagi
219: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 19:55:02.62 ID:EvKBFbOO0
I saw this guy on Test no Hanamichi and I didn't know he was from Johnny's w
Seriously, I get the feeling that the average facial score of the Johnny's members nowadays have gone down.
234: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 20:24:28.63 ID:4DR8L7Ee0
あっさり切られる人間と完全スルーの人間 なにが違うの
What's the difference between people who are easily cut from the people who have things like this ignored?
236: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 20:26:41.59 ID:+JcaXAbV0
If he's popular or not
259: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/02(土) 22:31:54.75 ID:a6/b7w4g0
Nakai-kun must be grateful that there was no Internet yet during his time w

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