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Osamu Mukai to marry Ryoko Kuninaka soon? (Real Live)

1: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 05:03:28.35 ID:rjQkjxty0
A woman's magazine got a scoop on Osamu Mukai and Ryoko Kuninaka in December of last year when they were spotted dating. There were also reports of Kuninaka sleeping over at Mukai's apartment in January this year, and Mukai's agency admitted that Kuninaka did sleep over but denied that they had a romantic relationship.

It's been 10 months since then, and it seems that their relationship has made progress.

"It's more than sleeping over at each other's apartment. They're pretty much living together already. They've been avoiding the eyes of the media as they have been refraining from dating each other in Tokyo, and have instead been showing up a lot in Yokohama. They don't even put on disguises when they enjoy their dates. They have matching accessories in their wallets, and they're showing off how lovey-dovey they are." - (tabloid writer)

And because of this kind of private life, it seems like Mukai has also changed at work.

"There used to be a time when Mukai would obviously look displeased when the media surrounds him, and was even called the 'male version of Erika Sawajiri'. But he's been smiling more and more in interviews these days, and has been showing a lot of consideration to the staff as well." - (gossip show staff).

The only problem now is when "D-Day" will

"It seems that both sides are seriously set on marriage, and all that's left is for Mukai's camp to talk to his commercial sponsors and such, and then they can have the marriage anytime. They might even get married within the year at the soonest. Mukai has always wanted a child, and it seems like he'll be a passionate 'ikumen'* as well." - (showbiz writer)

* (ikumen - man who takes care of and raises his children)

Kuninaka's popularity soared when she was the lead in NHK's morning drama Churasan, while Mukai is extremely popular with women thanks to his pleasant image. And by the looks of things, it doesn't seem like their popularity will be affected negatively by this marriage. If they do tie the knot, expect them to rank in the top half of the "ideal couples" category in the showbiz world.

2: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 05:07:52.90 ID:s43ssq8f0
So are they about to reach the goal?
3: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 05:09:38.82 ID:P7ChsZmz0
Mukai's already 31, huh?
I thought he was much younger.
5: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 05:16:14.81 ID:sieFS8AC0
What about Manami Konishi?
7: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 05:23:55.48 ID:6CJKrW5U0

むあ 頑張れや
Looks like they can manage to have 1 child.
Well, do your best.
10: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 05:45:01.40 ID:60TS6Btl0
The person who sang "Ryukyu Moon"?
14: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 07:18:26.39 ID:Tl60TIldO
Congratulations Ryoko Kuninaka-san (・ω・)
17: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 08:10:49.67 ID:oJECRcuA0
He must like women with wide jaws.
But he's a man who's already past his prime.
18: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 08:14:20.53 ID:GNHi22QG0
Osamu Mukai seriously doesn't look dependable. I LOL when I see his face w
19: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 08:29:38.32 ID:HTOuci3o0
I'm shocked
27: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 11:03:44.80 ID:yZ3P/u6I0
At which one? w
21: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 09:12:45.12 ID:YJEoKBgK0
23: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 09:33:35.98 ID:foe90YdH0

This Mukai person desperately tried to go with the image created for him by women's magazines, and he ultimately failed to get on a proper path.
I think commercial offers will eventually decrease for him.
So he wasn't cut out for being an actor after all?
26: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 10:24:03.31 ID:0fXeiezm0
But Osamu Mukai has a bad personality so they'll just head towards divorce in whatever they do. But things might change if they have a kid soon.
29: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 11:46:44.38 ID:USAGowg90
Another assumption, eh
30: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 11:46:54.35 ID:HmRbFYew0
Hitomi Shimatani would like to say something w
31: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 11:48:48.72 ID:QRmpDK400
Both of them just can't seem to make it big.
It's like a pair of actors on the decline.
32: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 12:23:30.72 ID:Vns6p1dO0

I told my mom who was a Mukai-kun fan that "he looks like Audrey's Wakabayashi" on the phone, and she apparently couldn't get over that and gave up on supporting him. 

---Is what she complained to me when I went back home again after a long time...
34: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 15:27:55.37 ID:9OU+iLonP
So she's already 34?
35: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 16:48:45.99 ID:DgJ9AAqf0
Someone of Mukai's level could have chosen any middle schooler or grade schooler that he wanted.
Such a waste.
40: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 19:46:04.49 ID:I50brpR20
Then they'll immediately get divorced
33: Ψ 2013/11/05(火) 13:38:45.58 ID:JaaWH2KJO
Oh, congrats.
I liked Mukai-kun when he just made his debut.

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