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Koki Tanaka admits to being an otaku and a cosplayer

1: タイガードライバー(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/11/26(火) 12:48:13.72 ID:OBKQtsXN0
Ex-KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka (28) showed off his "wotaku" side on his own Twitter account from the 24th to the 25th. He talked about his favorite manga and even responded to his followers' requests.

Tanaka tweeted on the 24th:
"I'm actually a movie, manga, anime, game, and novel otaku. Correction, a wotaku."

He continued:
"There have been a lot of really good mangas and anime recently like BTOOOM, Danganronpa, and Shingeki no kyojin. There's also Ishin Nishio-sensei's <monogatari> series that you just can't ignore".

About the manga he likes:
"I can't choose from JUMP so I won't include it. Recently there's Gangking, pupa, I am a hero, Imawanokuni no Alice, TERRA FORMARS, Ao no exorcist, Montage, ah, I can't write them all. If I write them all, it might take me about 200 tweets so I'll stop here".

On the 25th, he revealed: "I'm actually a cosplayer too, I've already done FF10's Auron, One Piece's Ace and Law, Tokyo Ghoul's Kaneki, Shingeki no Kyojin's Levi".

Followers requested that they wanted to see these, so Tanaka revealed his pictures as Ace and Law. He then tweeted: "Aren't you guys just toying with me? Please take this as my last one", as he posted his cosplay of Levi. Fans and followers got surprised at how high the quality was, as people have been "favoriting" his tweets and retweeting them. People have suddenly started saying: "I thought you were one of those people", "So it's true", "An ikemen ota..."

7: セントーン(dion軍) 2013/11/26(火) 12:49:51.21 ID:HWKcZkH70
He probably has nothing else to do
10: ボマイェ(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/11/26(火) 12:54:06.31 ID:09CJlIec0
He's so good at making faces www
11: アトミックドロップ(SB-iPhone) 2013/11/26(火) 12:58:05.26 ID:5Px1jwOhi
I really can't make myself hate this guy
13: ダブルニードロップ(東日本) 2013/11/26(火) 12:59:22.85 ID:gXxKX60DO
It's amazing how an ikemen says that he likes the <monogatari> series
14: ボマイェ(チベット自治区) 2013/11/26(火) 12:59:28.24 ID:rxhAu/x60

>"An ikemen ota..."

Is he an ikemen? w
22: ダブルニードロップ(東日本) 2013/11/26(火) 13:04:15.90 ID:gXxKX60DO

Well, strictly speaking, that may not be the case.
But it's fresh how an outgoing, badboy-playboy like him says that he likes the monogatari series
28: ニールキック(大阪府) 2013/11/26(火) 13:13:54.76 ID:3f1lSe8G0
Someone who's more good-natured should confess something like this
29: ボ ラギノール(東京都) 2013/11/26(火) 13:14:27.08 ID:iiv2eERz0
LOL, that's actually pretty nice
32: ナガタロックII(庭) 2013/11/26(火) 13:21:47.79 ID:4ACdot5V0
Looks like he's doing what he wants after leaving Johnny's, huh www

Well, I like that. 
33: ショルダーアームブリーカー(福井県) 2013/11/26(火) 13:22:53.11 ID:o5oSXEmo0
Wouldn't it have been better if he portrayed this kind of character while he was still with Johnny's?

Or did they try to prevent him from doing so?
38: フェイスクラッシャー(大阪府) 2013/11/26(火) 14:03:32.42 ID:8QeZBfnJ0
He might get some jobs if he keeps going along this path

40: フルネルソンスープレックス(WiMAX) 2013/11/26(火) 14:08:10.12 ID:ArXHkiSy0
Of course, they won't say what they really think
48: パイルドライバー(沖縄県) 2013/11/26(火) 14:57:22.24 ID:jgyrLwye0
The One Piece ones looks pretty loyal to the OP world, it's nice
51: アトミックドロップ(SB-iPhone) 2013/11/26(火) 15:11:30.97 ID:5Px1jwOhi
There are still fake accounts, huh w
61: チェーン攻撃(秋田県) 2013/11/26(火) 16:44:42.13 ID:wMndx7We0
Former Johnny's, a delinquent, and an anime ota, that's actually the mightiest in a sense w
It's like he has all aspects covered w
64: ムーンサルトプレス(やわらか銀行) 2013/11/26(火) 18:47:46.44 ID:TgQIthBX0
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