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TBS receives complaints about Ayame Gouriki's peeing scene in Kurokouchi

1: 腕ひしぎ十字固め(チベット自治区) 2013/10/27(日) 09:43:53.65 ID:2Wa6e+0h0
The TBS drama Kurokouchi has only just started, yet already it has received complaints from the viewers.
The scene in question came in episode 1. The female detective Seike, played by Ayame Gouriki, wet herself after getting surprised due to the gunshot. Kurokouchi, played by Tomoya Nagase, then proceeded to take a photo of this on his smart phone. This photo was then used by Kurokouchi in episode 2 to blackmail Seike saying that he would "pass the photo around unless details of the investigation were given" to him. Some viewers apparently found this as a form of sexual harassment and power harassment.

According to one of TBS' staff: "We received complaints of contempt regarding the wetting scene, and ethical complaints as to how a male detective treats a female".

On the Internet, some people have been praising the said scene, but some have said that the producers only did this for publicity. "The story is robust in this drama that has an outlaw as the lead. You can say that this drama has been very bold in going against the conventional drama formulas by even showing a dead woman's entire body without even hiding the breasts. And the scene where the character wet herself isn't that horrible that it should be considered a problem by the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization), so I think that they just wanted to create buzz."
- (broadcast writer)

There were some comments on the Internet saying, "I'll watch this every week since I was able to see Gouriki wet herself". The first episode got 12% which is pretty average, but there are also some people saying that Gouriki wasn't bad at all in this, even if she may have quite a lot of haters.

According to some reports, Gouriki's agency did not oppose to her wetting herself in the story, and that they even said "it's alright if it really is necessary in the story". "And Kurokouchi's partner is a man in the original manga, so fans of the original wouldn't have approved of Gouriki being cast here. Perhaps her agency had to give the go signal to these indelicate scenes in exchange for forcing her to be in the drama."

The BPO did not give any comments regarding this. Even TBS refrained from commenting further, stating, "We have received the opinions of some of our viewers, but we will not be commenting on this matter".


2: マシンガンチョップ(やわらか銀行) 2013/10/27(日) 09:44:14.32 ID:UtxCMpmu0

11: マシンガンチョップ(WiMAX) 2013/10/27(日) 09:47:44.30 ID:F25TQXRd0
This. Really.
8: 頭突き(埼玉県) 2013/10/27(日) 09:47:21.62 ID:RASPg0iZ0
What's so bad about a leaking scene?
10: ナガタロックII(神奈川県) 2013/10/27(日) 09:47:33.02 ID:bYfXn3nw0
Gouriki is good in this one
14: シャイニングウィザード(北海道) 2013/10/27(日) 09:48:57.68 ID:H2XDyHKb0



This show just had bad luck with its title. Zero sense there.
I initially thought that this was boring since an evil coach would be the leading character, but it was actually pretty good once I watched it. So the name of the main character is Kurokouchi, huh.
The title's the worst.
64: ジャンピングパワーボム(福岡県) 2013/10/27(日) 10:35:54.63 ID:qH31fBff0
It might have become more popular if they used the full name for the title like Hanzawa Naoki (monotonous tone)
176: 河津落とし(SB-iPhone) 2013/10/27(日) 13:30:17.05 ID:xLNQL94Di
Direct your complaints at the original manga
19: キドクラッチ(内モンゴル自治区) 2013/10/27(日) 09:51:12.47 ID:qPte6D1TO
Even nipples were shown.
I was just watching episode 1, and I was surprised by it.
22: 超竜ボム(山陽地方) 2013/10/27(日) 09:53:40.67 ID:Wjo7prQKO
Gouriki's side did pretty well here.
If it was some other popular actress then her agency would have probably filed a complaint here.
28: 毒霧(広島県) 2013/10/27(日) 09:56:22.28 ID:ChqLpE2QP
Mirai Shida's peeing scene didn't become a problem so this shouldn't as well
30: ダイビングエルボードロップ(北陸地方) 2013/10/27(日) 09:58:13.13 ID:cb8bWUYK0
Even Erika Sawajiri peed in 1 Litre of Tears
39: ダブルニードロップ(東京都) 2013/10/27(日) 10:02:33.80 ID:l/oPThJT0
I saw this episode and I don't think it was a big deal.
Maybe the bad thing about this was taking the picture of that scene and using it to threaten her.
41: エメラルドフロウジョン(新潟県) 2013/10/27(日) 10:06:29.02 ID:0ivVGWYL0
It's that kind of drama.
So what do they want to do with it? (´・ω・`)
44: ミッドナイトエクスプレス(茸) 2013/10/27(日) 10:12:10.71 ID:TBCXYJJ50
This drama is good.
But the more these stupid people call in, the more TV gets boring.
47: ファイナルカット(三重県) 2013/10/27(日) 10:20:24.14 ID:tmC7wv5h0
"Deep" fans will increase if you pee like that.
So idols should also keep peeing themselves.
49: ダブルニードロップ(東京都) 2013/10/27(日) 10:21:29.31 ID:l/oPThJT0
Rather than saying that peeing is no good, don't you think that killing is the bigger issue here? If you think about it normally.
52: ハイキック(大阪府) 2013/10/27(日) 10:24:52.54 ID:S3LmeQ5i0
Those who complained are crazy. w
This is fiction, you know. w
55: ハイキック(大阪府) 2013/10/27(日) 10:26:40.18 ID:S3LmeQ5i0
What's the problem in making a "drama" with some discrimination towards female detectives?
The ones who complained must be stupid.
60: 垂直落下式DDT(茸) 2013/10/27(日) 10:33:11.45 ID:Hpu31lbk0
But there were also a lot of people who made noise when Mirai Shida wet herself in Joou no Kyoushitsu
77: ジャンピングDDT(庭) 2013/10/27(日) 10:49:08.11 ID:Uu3TyOyT0
Mirai Shida's pee was erotic/pedophilia, but Gouriki's is grotesque
62: 膝十字固め(神奈川県) 2013/10/27(日) 10:34:30.24 ID:UFUbLCi40
It's actually scary when you think that there are a lot of people who can't even differentiate TV from real life
67: イス攻撃(岐阜県) 2013/10/27(日) 10:41:19.79 ID:pmb1gqRN0
That's true.
If you keep complaining about stuff like this, then you can't make shows where you see how crime happens.
63: スターダストプレス(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/10/27(日) 10:35:30.27 ID:FIT5kcu00
But the ratings are fine this way. I don't want people to start complaining about every little thing if it gets too high. This is the best drama this season after all.
66: ボマイェ(福島県) 2013/10/27(日) 10:40:56.55 ID:k1tGE5aa0
Well, it is true though that this is 1,000 better than that Ando-something
86: スリーパーホールド(東京都) 2013/10/27(日) 10:54:17.84 ID:6PAYzme00
I remember a commercial before where a woman got all wet and people started complaining that it looked like she wet herself. It got pulled out of the air, right?
94: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(大阪府) 2013/10/27(日) 11:03:02.09 ID:133uoGLF0
It's good but I'm amazed that it was turned into a drama.
Was Goraku* really that strong?
*(weekly manga Goraku)
138: ビッグブーツ(大阪府) 2013/10/27(日) 11:54:10.08 ID:RLO6mGKp0
The creator of this manga is a hit-maker after all
101: ストレッチプラム(埼玉県) 2013/10/27(日) 11:11:40.10 ID:vxnZ42Wn0
But Gouriki's character is a guy in the original, right?
Then the ones who pushed for Gouriki are the fools.
103: ショルダーアームブリーカー(岡山県) 2013/10/27(日) 11:16:32.79 ID:czBvaKK30
Nagase plays a lunatic so the character still looks good even if he acts like a vegetable, while Gouriki's role should be a decent one but she looks clueless.
104: アイアンクロー(dion軍) 2013/10/27(日) 11:18:36.68 ID:LuVNa95T0
111: リバースパワースラム(茸) 2013/10/27(日) 11:23:12.81 ID:osTbQr8W0
Wasn't there a monster who had this face but had the body of a centipede?
151: トペ スイシーダ(茸) 2013/10/27(日) 12:31:47.04 ID:RfXLDTjE0
This wasn't bad at all
108: デンジャラスバックドロップ(茸) 2013/10/27(日) 11:21:05.70 ID:1cYeslt/0
まだ単行本2巻しか出てないんだぞ 大丈夫なのドラマは?
Kurokouchi's originally based on a manga, but it only has 2 volumes out. Will this drama be ok? And those 2 volumes just came out simultaneously on the 7th of this month.
112: シューティングスタープレス(宮城県) 2013/10/27(日) 11:23:31.03 ID:B82wq+rD0
I've already forgiven Hyakutaro. She's been bashed all around, but she's still working hard.
But she's extremely ugly when she's in Unbelievable.
118: ファルコンアロー(埼玉県) 2013/10/27(日) 11:33:55.05 ID:kfh1MS8U0
133: 膝十字固め(やわらか銀行) 2013/10/27(日) 11:50:37.12 ID:qc/B0GQx0

Kurokouchi's a manga about the dark side so power harassment and sexual harassment shouldn't be a surprise. 
The people making a fuss about this are the ones who have flower fields in their brains www
154: アルゼンチンバックブリーカー(大阪府) 2013/10/27(日) 12:41:20.81 ID:YOfvJXsR0
Gouriki-chan is cute in this drama
163: スリーパーホールド(dion軍) 2013/10/27(日) 12:59:14.18 ID:xqOstC9c0
I can't believe that there are people who complain about something as trifle as this.
These people who make claims really are stupid.
170: エルボードロップ(やわらか銀行) 2013/10/27(日) 13:15:18.03 ID:VRthOdWR0
This certain pretty actress' peeing scene when she was still a child actress

173: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(長野県) 2013/10/27(日) 13:22:32.34 ID:LTdlXWdH0
Who would want to see Gouriki peeing in the first place?
Go make someone else do it.

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