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Rino Sashihara: "Idols don't need to learn how to sing and dance"

1: トペ スイシーダ(埼玉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:09:00.05 ID:rIaKmHQGP
Waratte Iitomo conducted an experiment where the regular hosts gave a live lesson to 100 gradeschoolers. Rino Sashihara's class was titled "How to become a member of AKB" for the children who wanted to become idols. She said that there are 3 points to keep in mind if they wanted to join AKB. The first one is "There's no need to practice singing and dancing". Sashihara was originally an idol-otaku, but she bluntly says:

"Girls who can't dance are cuter. They make you want to root for them".
"Most idol fans these days are old men, right? These old men actually find the girls who can't do anything cuter, and they're happier when they tell a girl that 'You're totally no good!'. I think people are more attracted to idols who are giving it their all despite being really bad at it".

The studio though, raised their doubts. (partial translation)

(Continued in >>2)

2: トペ スイシーダ(埼玉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:09:56.39 ID:rIaKmHQGP
(Continued from >>1)
And because of this, idol fans are split between their opinions. According to a woman in her 20s who used to be an AKB fan but is now a Momoiro Clover Z fan: "There may be truth in that, but I don't think an idol herself should be saying that. It's kinda irritating since it feels like she's taking advantage of the weakness of her fans".

A man in his 20s who hates AKB and is a Hello!Pro fan comments: "I actually understand that kind of feeling where you want to support a girl who can't really do anything properly".

Erina Ikuta of Morning Musume apparently said something similar to what Sashihara just said, but her fans feel that it's a part of her character. "If a girl who obviously isn't putting any effort says this, then you'd feel that she's just trying put herself in the right. But I think that's fine as long as you can see her efforts".

On the Internet:
"Japan's top idol said such a thing? wwww"
"That's an insult to Johnny's, Hello!Pro, and all the other idols."
"I can't believe Japan's #1 group has this sort of a tepid opinion. I hope you're all finsihed!"
"It's definitely wrong if there are members who think that they can win as long as they persevere, especially since that group consists of 100s of members."
"Those who look for singing and dancing talent will just go look for singers and dancers. Idols just need to be moderately good. That's not what their fans are after anyway."

After Sashihara's class came Shingo Katori's class on "How to become a member of SMAP". He said, "Practice singing and dancing as if your life depended on it!", which drew laughter from the studio.
6: バズソーキック(岐阜県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:12:02.27 ID:VsXpUGP10

Johnny-san said almost the same thing and didn't make them practice that much, right?
I think things changed from SMAP onwards.
20: 急所攻撃(庭) 2013/10/17(木) 01:18:20.09 ID:o8UisFvX0
Shounentai... was all about Higashi
10: リキラリアット(東京都) 2013/10/17(木) 01:14:35.91 ID:t/crBnJi0
It's alright if you can't sing or dance, but ugly girls are a no-no.
16: ローリングソバット(千葉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:17:11.54 ID:NNwzGiUf0
What she's saying is correct.
But someone who says that out loud is a moron.
86: ジャンピングパワーボム(埼玉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:40:38.32 ID:ycUalYxO0
I agree.
There's no more helping you if you say such a thing.
129: ニーリフト(東京都) 2013/10/17(木) 02:07:54.14 ID:UZ5lI4rv0
End of discussion at >>16.
We live in a farce society where people get mad at you for telling the truth, so just say what you really think on these anonymous boards.
356: 膝靭帯固め(千葉県) 2013/10/17(木) 09:17:42.66 ID:bjmyDdj90
I think she made that statement despite being aware of that fact.
She's always been someone who just wanted to create buzz no matter what it is.
21: ラダームーンサルト(やわらか銀行) 2013/10/17(木) 01:18:28.88 ID:rJfZ/vTh0
Hey all you oldies, is this true?
30: バズソーキック(岐阜県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:21:27.35 ID:VsXpUGP10

I think almost all the idols back in the '80s were like that.
I don't know if that will still work now in this day and age, but Sashihara right there is the proof since she has become popular while becoming AKB's center in the process.
24: かかと落とし(東京都) 2013/10/17(木) 01:19:41.77 ID:VSDQ6Pd10
Singing, maybe, but I think that dancing is actually pointless
29: フランケンシュタイナー(兵庫県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:21:24.71 ID:bF6SMxCc0
She actually said the right thing here
40: 腕ひしぎ十字固め(家) 2013/10/17(木) 01:23:51.45 ID:b/fp5A8i0
It might be true, but I feel irritated when she's the one who says this
41: ナガタロックII(埼玉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:24:17.17 ID:rRSop6Ha0
Sashihara's live singing is so good, she's top class among idols

92: キドクラッチ(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/10/17(木) 01:45:37.19 ID:3F8sdVXm0
48: セントーン(埼玉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:25:20.76 ID:MpDx1wbN0
You'll understand the answer once you hear the singing of Nakai-kun, a top idol

54: 膝靭帯固め(福島県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:27:39.80 ID:oh9ethJN0
No, you need to practice dancing.
Especially your hip movements.
60: バックドロップ(関西・東海) 2013/10/17(木) 01:30:43.61 ID:ur6GGWzhO
But she actually became #1 so her words are convincing.
66: ストレッチプラム(群馬県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:32:56.72 ID:DOXqRSp60

"It's all about sexual favors"
Is this what you mean? I don't get it.
70: ダイビングエルボードロップ(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2013/10/17(木) 01:34:39.01 ID:BoJ9afMu0
Sounds like something Sayuri Kokusho would say.
It's 10 years too soon for Sashihara to be saying something like this.
84: セントーン(埼玉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:39:55.85 ID:aXcoZO440
And you get bashed once you say the correct thing
88: ネックハンギングツリー(大阪府) 2013/10/17(木) 01:42:17.48 ID:SHm/LHDk0
That's the only way an ugly girl can succeed
89: キャプチュード(dion軍) 2013/10/17(木) 01:43:45.17 ID:VjKTOfbq0
It is irritating, but I don't think what she said is only limited to the idol world.
94: ドラゴンスクリュー(家) 2013/10/17(木) 01:45:59.35 ID:Jc0cbu830
But no matter how much effort they make, they won't be able to become like Namie Amuro
100: バックドロップ(チベット自治区) 2013/10/17(木) 01:51:52.89 ID:ExmmLcJc0

That's the rule of society.
Money, connections, and talent > effort
106: エメラルドフロウジョン(家) 2013/10/17(木) 01:54:27.88 ID:NO9eAEJaI
And she's the girl who placed first.
If she'd said this before, it would have been on a level that could've banished her from the showbiz industry.
113: イス攻撃(WiMAX) 2013/10/17(木) 01:57:29.76 ID:80USwKBN0
It depends on who you're marketing yourselves to
117: ファルコンアロー(千葉県) 2013/10/17(木) 01:59:13.84 ID:vhECjvEG0
As expected of Sasshy.
She's indeed being taken care of and loved by Aki-P.
Her words really pack weight in them.
143: タイガードライバー(茸) 2013/10/17(木) 02:27:28.01 ID:Vpu5gb4z0
Aren't singing and dancing the very basic requirements?
145: 雪崩式ブレーンバスター(関東・甲信越) 2013/10/17(木) 02:29:19.97 ID:s9bU4ml50
It means that there are people chosen to become idols even before they possess the basics
153: 足4の字固め(SB-iPhone) 2013/10/17(木) 02:38:34.94 ID:TbMc2PJsi
I don't think it's appropriate to say that she said the correct thing, but it is the truth...
165: フルネルソンスープレックス(広島県) 2013/10/17(木) 02:50:23.19 ID:yXZaaQ6j0
But it's so risky on her part to say something like this, she might get more haters now.
I guess it's fine now.
But what's wrong is laughing at other people exerting effort.
174: ストマッククロー(東京都) 2013/10/17(木) 03:11:48.20 ID:mOwCMKcA0

Sashihara should just imitate what Horiemon said that "Even a normal person can buy a horse" and say, "Even an ugly girl can climb to the top".
She'd give people much more hopes and dreams with that.
203: ジャンピングカラテキック(庭) 2013/10/17(木) 03:54:03.72 ID:3/rEzjQu0
She might be right, but it's something that shouldn't be said.
She has to make it seem like they're persevering.
206: バックドロップホールド(WiMAX) 2013/10/17(木) 04:02:30.45 ID:NA5HbZkj0
I'm amazed at how she makes noise and creates buzz.
She probably has excellent writers backing her up.
225: 雪崩式ブレーンバスター(関東・甲信越) 2013/10/17(木) 05:46:44.58 ID:zs+IEry70
But the young and cute idols have always been taking this kind of stance for a long time now.
And when the smart ones start losing popularity, they grab themselves a rich man and get married.
245: 超竜ボム(関東地方) 2013/10/17(木) 06:22:52.18 ID:+12hIrh4O
She's right.
When I see people receiving spartan training in dancing, it makes me feel that they're using their efforts and energy the wrong way.
247: ブラディサンデー(茸) 2013/10/17(木) 06:26:45.98 ID:qZ6Payt90
What she said is the truth.
And we're living in a country where you get scolded for saying the truth www
253: トペ スイシーダ(東京都) 2013/10/17(木) 06:42:33.22 ID:E4xyHps9P

I don't really mind it if that's how these idols approach things, but I wonder how long they'll try to keep that sort of thing up. Nothing will be left in life if she keeps that up until she's 30.
259: スリーパーホールド(熊本県) 2013/10/17(木) 06:46:23.62 ID:vEUOvK3+0
But even Sashihara was able to pass the AKB audtions despite all the odds against her
274: ビッグブーツ(庭) 2013/10/17(木) 07:06:35.37 ID:ZUvTErm2I
Was there an idol who was successful as a solo artist after Ayaya? (Related post HERE)
I've only been seeing idol groups recently.
291: ヒップアタック(内モンゴル自治区) 2013/10/17(木) 07:23:05.39 ID:gRAfdSx2O

If you look at it the other way around, it means that the idols themselves are saying that Japan's idol-wotas don't have the sense nor the ability to distinguish what good singing and dancing is from what is bad. 
309: イス攻撃(関東・甲信越) 2013/10/17(木) 07:50:59.98 ID:W4yzYLSIO
Negative press again? LOL
313: パロスペシャル(西日本) 2013/10/17(木) 07:55:49.04 ID:HUOBYCuF0
Well, she does have a point 

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